What is my private one-on-one coaching all about?


I coach clients on both personal and business growth, and I’m known to bring  kick-ass results and transformation.

Those results come if you’re prepared to make radical changes in your life and invest generous amounts of time, money, and energy in your coaching process, which in return will bring you tremendous and tangible changes


Coaching sessions are conducted through video conference call. Plus, I’m always in your corner and you get unlimited access to me through email and text messages in between sessions


The minimum commitment to work privately with me is  6 months, with regular sessions once every two weeks,
for an investment of 12,000 euros

" I use a lot of humor in my work, I say things as they are, and I share my own stories and challenges openly."



My clients tell me I’m friendly, positive, and enthusiastic, and they love my authenticity. I use a lot of humor in my work, I say things as they are, and I share my own stories and challenges openly. During coaching sessions, I combine my own  business knowledge, coaching skills, and intuitive guidance to help you grow. I talk as much about the Universe, energetic shifts, the law of attraction, your divine masculine and divine feminine sides, your angels and guides, and your intuition as I do about sales strategies, business models, budgeting, and marketing plans.

When you become my client, you become a big part of my life. However, I am your coach before I am your friend. I am transparent and straight forward, and I come from a place of service. I don’t buy into your limiting beliefs and I can often see your greatest potential and envision your successes before you do. My job is to help you recognize the greatest vision of yourself and  support you in taking massive action steps to achieve a life of purpose and make your dreams come true.


If you have an open mind and you’re prepared to be challenged and grow massively outside of your comfort zone, I’m your coach. I have a strong radar for bullshit stories that are trying to keep you small and I won’t accept them. You’ll see that soon after starting your coaching with me, you won’t buy into them either. You’ll slowly start to change your mindset and  see yourself at your highest potential, all while taking big action steps towards your dreams. That is exactly what deep transformation is all about, and that’s what you’ll get when working with me.


I reserve private coaching to a maximum of ten clients at a time because i like to provide you with unlimited access to me in between sessions and be available whenever you need me.

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Angela Boshoff Hundal

Professional Writer, Entrepreneur - Dubai, UAE

"I've noticed massive changes in both my personal and professional life since working privately with Consuela. Her coaching style is organic, and she allows your needs to dictate what comes of each session. This leads to  more authentic realisations that are adaptable to life’s inevitable shifts. I’ve often reached out to Consuela on WhatsApp for support after our sessions and always got quick and appropriate answers from her to back me up.

What I love the most about working with her is that she tackles potential difficulties head on and she doesn’t let me take myself too seriously. I usually feel relaxed and able to laugh at myself after a session with her. I also really enjoy her practical tips on how to stay positive, grateful, and conscious of my choices outside of our sessions, which has really helped me to  craft goals that match my aspirations and take measurable action steps that allow me to make my dreams a reality."


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