Willi Broeren

Medical Doctor, Business Owner and Travel Blogger - New Brunswick, Canada

"Consuela’s knowledge and wisdom have been very helpful and encouraging…"

"I’ve really enjoyed Consuela’s Mastermind. Getting to know a group of amazing women in such a personal way has been very inspiring. Despite being from different backgrounds and having different goals, everyone has been very open and honest. I’m really going to miss them when we’re done. The group coaching calls and sessions with the guest speakers were incredibly interesting. Through this program I’ve gained insight and support on how to leave one business behind and begin another. Getting feedback from the group, as well as having access to Consuela’s knowledge and wisdom, has been exceptionally helpful and encouraging."

"Consuela makes you feel like no problem is too big to handle…"

"Before working with Consuela I kept trying a little bit of everything with my business without seeing major results. I was losing focus of what my real strengths were. Working with Consuela brought me a lot of clarity and focus, helping me see the bigger picture behind my daily to-do lists. I also became more organized and confident in my abilities. I highly recommend working with Consuela if you feel stuck in your career – and in other areas of your life – or if you don’t feel any more joy and excitement in your work. Consuela is very well prepared and knowledgeable – you can talk to her about anything and expect practical solutions. She makes you feel like no problem is too big to handle."


Alexandra Calin

Painter and Illustrator - Brasov, Romania

Angélique Binet

Social Media Expert - Montreal, New Brunswick - Canada

"I love having Consuela as a mentor and coach who is ready to listen to me and challenge me when needed…"

"Being part of Consuela’s business group coaching program means I get to meet other solopreneurs who, like me, are working on building their dream everyday – and I love that.  Hearing their stories,  sharing mine, and to interacting with one another has been really helpful and encouraging. When Consuela coaches an individual in the group setting, we all benefit, with each of us being able to apply whatever she says to our own situations. Having a mentor and coach ready to listen to you – and to challenge you when needed – is a huge benefit when running a business on your own. Consuela helps me recognise the deep connection between my business model, my prices, my mindset, and my intuition, which allows me to dig deeper, uncover the root of any problems I may be having, and approach situations differently."

"Consuela helps me work on myself internally so that I can reflect who I truly am on the outside…"

"I joined Consuela’s Powerful Manifestor course to receive guidance and calm my anxiety about quitting my stable job of 20 years to start my own business. Her course gave me the ideal strategies and tools to use to handle my challenges. Every time I spoke to Consuela, I heard genuine compassion and determination in her voice. This really helped me move forward and embrace my confidence to trust myself fully. I also learned how to accept the negative emotional experiences that I’ve experienced and to let them flow through me in order to stay positive. I would definitely recommend working with Consuela if you’re feeling uncertain about your career path or personal life."


Sandra Pastore

Stage and Interior Designer - Montreal, Canada

Diji Shujahi

TV, Events and Digital Radio Presenter - Abu Dhabi, UAE

"Consuela helps you in times when you are your own worst enemy…"

"Consuela’s Mastermind has taken my professional and personal visions and goals to new levels. Not only has her program helped my brand and business grow, it has taught me how to trust my innate power as a manifestor and given me the confidence to take my dreams into my own hands and make them a reality. Working with Consuela has been great, both professionally and personally. As an entrepreneur, there are days when you just want to sit in bed and days when you want to conquer the world, and Consuela manages to steer you through both – even when you are your own worst enemy. She’s great at painstakingly getting you to understand that you can't conquer the world with your limbs all over the place, and helps you find focus. She’s also gifted at grounding and motivating you. Words can't express my gratitude for working with her."


Julia Aplin

Professional Dancer & Mind/Body Facilitator - Toronto, Canada

"Consuela’s so generous and intuitive with her coaching…"

"It has been really wonderful to work with Consuela. She is so generous and intuitive with her coaching. She has helped me to overcome some personal fears with my business and to be more focused and confident. She has given me many very useful tools and such helpful advice to develop my work and to keep it growing."


Mary Houle

Speech Pathologist and Voice Coach - Ottawa, Canada

"Consuela's Mastermind has been nothing less than life changing for me…"

"Consuela has helped me believe in my gifts and see them as an offering to help others grow. This reframing gave me the confidence I needed to see my business grow in ways that well surpassed my expectations. Being a part of her Mastermind has been nothing less than life changing for me."


Angela Boshoff Hundal

Professional Writer, Entrepreneur - Dubai, UAE

"I've noticed massive changes in both my personal and professional life…"

"Consuela’s coaching style is organic, and she allows your needs to dictate what comes of each session. This leads to more authentic realizations that are adaptable to life’s inevitable shifts. I’ve often reached out to Consuela on WhatsApp for support after our sessions and I’ve always received quick and appropriate answers to back me up. What I love the most about working with her is that she tackles potential difficulties head on and she doesn’t let me take myself too seriously. I usually feel relaxed and able to laugh at myself after a session with her. I also really enjoy her practical tips on how to stay positive, grateful, and conscious of my choices outside of our sessions, which has really helped me to craft goals that match my aspirations and take measurable action steps that allow me to make my dreams a reality."

"The lens through which I see the world has changed in so many positive ways since working with Consuela…"

"She has helped me to let go of the false belief that I am responsible for the happiness and success of others, which has freed up so much energy to devote to fostering my own creativity and building my business from the heart. Working together privately in the past year has been wonderfully life-changing and I look forward to much more growth to come.

I was also part of Consuela's Mastermind program and working closely with a diverse and inspiring group of individuals has been a powerful, and at times very emotional, journey. I have learned so much from the knowledge and perspective that each member of the group has to offer. After our short and intense period working together I have come to think of the members of the group as family - I can't wait to look on proudly as they accomplish wonderful things in their lives."


Marieke Gardner

Medical Doctor and Entrepreneur - Montreal, Canada

Danish Jalbani

Tech Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker - Dubai, UAE

"I’m a huge fan of Consuela’s empathy, straightforwardness, and authenticity…"

"Since our first interaction, Consuela’s has made me feel totally comfortable; it’s like we’ve known each other for a really long time. Consuela’s attention to both personal and professional details – and how they affect different areas of my life – has been truly enlightening. She has helped me tackle problems that have been around for a really long time, and I now have a clearer, more confident and positive vision for my personal and professional future."