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What is the World Change Makers Business Academy?

A program that shows start-up entrepreneurs how to use their passions to build a successful business 

Established as a 6-month, 6-module, interactive video-based program, the Academy is for those who no longer feel aligned with their career and wish to build a business feels more meaningful and fulfilling. 

Using interactive online exercises, the Academy helps you to better understand your skills and values, what’s really important to you and you're good at, what you can offer to the market that is unique, as well as practical guidelines on how to brand your business, market it, sell your products and services, build your financial plan, communicate clearly, and – eventually – expand.

Consuela founded her #WorldChangeMakers movement to empower more people to change the world intentionally, in a way that positively supports both them and those around them, with their own business. 


A word from CONSUELA’S clients


Connie Maluorni

Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach - Montreal, Canada

“Consuela works her magic. Since working with her, I feel inspired to step out of my comfort zone and take the necessary leaps to begin manifesting my dreams. I highly recommend working with her if you’re looking to take your business and life to the next level. Please don't waste months or even years trying to do it all on your own. Get the support and tools you need to succeed! Consuela will lead you towards the abundant life you deserve!"

Mary Houle, Speech Pathologist & Voice Coach - Ottawa, Canada

Marieke GardnerMedical Doctor & Business Owner with Arbonne - Montreal, Canada


I’m a Business Coach who can help you build a successful business while also (and most importantly) loving yourself and the process. My coaching style is friendly and supportive, and I use a combination of personal development and business strategies to help you and your business grow.

Wanna change the world? Let’s get you started…


How does the World Change Makers Business Academy work?

The Academy gives you access to an online platform with 6 self-study modules, group coaching, peer support, readings and resources over a period of 6 months, to help you build your passion-business from the ground up.

What is included in the modules?

The modules are designed to give you  clarity and focus and help you build a full-time, profitable business from the ground up. Each module includes a video workshop and worksheets to dig deeper into the material and then apply your learnings to your business.


Module 1 - Your Zone of Genius

Your purpose, your values, your skills, your unique business idea, your ideal clients.



Your branding, your voice, your communication channels



Your business model, your pricing strategy, your expenses,   your budget



Your authentic marketing style, your marketing plan



Your sales: strategy, mindset, launches, funnels, and conversations



Your growth and expansion strategies


…you’re an  ambitious action taker who identifies with one or more of the following:

  • Eager to build a business that changes the world
  • Passionate and creative
  • Spiritually open-minded
  • Don’t fit into a cookie-cutter system
  • Ready to be challenged and grow
  • Willing to be 100% authentic and unique


  • You’re looking to build a business only for profit, without a deeper connection
  • You’re not ready to commit to at least 2 hours per week to do the work
  • You expect Consuela to bring you results. Only you can do that!

What results can the Academy bring you?

With commitment and an openness to being challenged, this program will help you:

  • Gain an understanding of your purpose and skills, what is the right business idea for you
  • Build a profitable business that you love 
  • Feel a sense of alignment between your personal and professional life
  • Feel overall more happy, balanced, and fulfilled

Diji Shujahi, TV & Events Presenter - Abu Dhabi, UAE


Who teaches the Academy?

The Academy is led by Consuela Dezso. Her approach is friendly, deep-discovering, and fun. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and get direct feedback from Consuela in an online group, where you can also share your takeaways from the modules and support each other.

Who teaches the Academy?


The Academy is led by Consuela Dezso. Her approach is friendly, deep-discovering, and fun. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and get direct feedback from Consuela in an online group, where you can also share your takeaways from the modules and support each other.

What makes the World Change Makers Business Academy Unique ?

It’s a judgment-free zone where you can be yourself, ask questions, and  explore your passions surrounded by an inspiring community of world change makers who are working on their dreams too. The Academy offers an easy-to-follow combination of business strategy tools and personal growth support so that you can find the work-life balance that brings you long-term happiness and fulfillment.

The investment for the World Change Makers Business Academy is:

2,999 EUR

Register NOW and get 700 EUR in bonuses.

Investment includes:

6 self-study business modules
with pre-recorded videos and fillable PDF worksheets, helping you build your business from the ground up, to be completed online in an exclusive members-only website over 6 months
– worth 4,000 EUR
Business advice from Consuela
through a private support group, you get to ask Consuela questions and get strategic advice from her that applies directly to your business

– worth 2,000 EUR
6-month access to a private support group
where you can share your takeaways from the modules, ask questions, get support, hold each other accountable, and create collaborations with like-minded members
– worth 1,000 EUR
A collection of accredited resources
that will help you in your on going business-building process
– worth 300 EUR
A list of practical and insightful readings
that will help you accelerate your journey of growth and self-discovery
– worth 200 EUR

Bonus 1

Access to Consuela’s Plan Your Way to Success
– worth 300 EUR

Bonus 2

Access to Consuela’s Powerful Manifestor Entrepreneur mini-course
– worth 400 EUR

Total value: over 8,000 EUR

Register now for:

2,999 EUR


When does the Academy begin?

The Academy begins the moment you sign-up, giving you access to the material, support, and resources for 6 months. 

What happens beyond the 6 months?

Consuela highly encourages you to complete the 6 modules in the prescribed 6 months to build momentum and accountability.

Nevertheless, it's a great idea to get continuous updates of the Academy material and group support after the initial 6 months are completed, which you can access for a reduced monthly fee of 79 EUR per month.  

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