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Through my World Change Makers business academy, I help out-of-the-box entrepreneurs build profitable businesses that change the world.

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Your passions are too important to get the hobby treatment, don’t you agree?

Before I show you around, let me tell you a few fundamental things about me and


If you’re shopping for the cheapest price on the market, I’m not your coach. My prices are not cheap. They’re  transformational.

Don’t sign up to my programs if you’re hoping that they will save you. No program or coach can save you if you’re not  ready to show up, take action, and step it up.


If you have an open mind and you’re prepared to be challenged and grow out of your comfort zone, I’m totally your coach. I have a strong radar for stories that are trying to keep you small and I won’t buy into them. Soon after working together, you won’t buy into them anymore either. You’ll slowly  start changing your mindset and seeing your higher potential, while taking concrete actions towards your dreams. That's what deep transformation is all about, and that’s what I'm committed to offer you. 

If you’re still here, we’re probably a good fit!

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Here are some of my clients who have benefited from my various programs.

“I felt like I wasn’t advancing fast enough to get consistent paying clients. Consuela gave me a better understanding of why I don’t get things done (my usual pitfalls), a way to get better organized, and a clearer plan towards my goal. Consuela is helpful, down-to-earth, and she uses a practical approach that is tailored to the individual’s needs”

Flaviu M.

Osteopath - Canada

“In just a few moments of meeting me, Consuela managed to hone in on the essence of what was bubbling up for me. She has a delicate way of asking smart questions and helps you relax so that you can listen to your deeper self. She also shares her own personal humanness in a way that assists you in really listening to yourself, too. Consuela helped me connect to what was next on my path, and I’m truly grateful for that.”

Anouk F.

Entrepreneur - Canada

"I was feeling stagnant at work and wasn’t sure what career path to take next. After working with Consuela, a clearer vision of where I wanted to go came to me. I also loved having her full attention during the one-on-one coaching sessions and receiving tailored support from her was such a treat. I would recommend Consuela to anyone who is struggling professionally, or even personally."

Kaitlin I.

Copywriter - USA

“Be authentic, be genuine, be yourself. Listen carefully to others and understand where they are at. Then, and only, then, can you share your offering with them. That’s what makes the difference between selling and serving.” WOW. That is one valuable insight I got from Consuela that has greatly helped me make peace with selling.”

Semirath F.

Crafts Shop Owner - Canada

“I had been trying to align my goals with action for over 5 years. I’d been feeling caught up under the day-to-day grind and was not giving myself a chance to steer my ship towards something larger. Consuela gave me a real boost. I found her to be direct with great energy that helped me to take action, not just talk about it.”

Megan M.

Business Consultant - Mexico

“Consuela shines with positivity. She has an amazing ability to listen and use her profound intuition to bring things to the surface that you may have been ignoring all along. Her insights are eye-opening and help you become more aware of who you really are.”

Kate R.

Attorney - UAE

“Consuela helped me get an understanding around why I’ve been in a roller coaster of emotions over the last year, and how much I’ve grown through this process. I now feel ready to pursue my dreams and I’m thankful for Consuela’s support.”

Florencia F.

Recruiter - UAE

“Just ten minutes into a session and Consuela can look beyond the surface and find the real issue behind what you’re struggling with. Consuela always boosts my spirit and has an amazing ability to quickly help me put together a practical plan that I can apply right away.”

Madalina S.

PR Consultant - Romania


Read Alexandra Calin’s success story here

I love my gorgeous client Alexandra Calin’s story so much. She’s the perfect example of what it’s like to turn your passion into your career, even if it doesn’t match your studies, experience, or other people’s expectations of you. You go for it simply because you love it and you’re damn good at it! Alexandra always loved drawing and painting. But like a lot of us, her parents encouraged her to keep her passion as hobby and go for a “safer profession”, or what some would call a “real job”. So, she became an architect. However, she spent very little time professing, because it wasn’t what she loved doing at all.

When we started working together, she had translated her passion for painting into a combination of professional make-up services, web design, and illustrations. But deep down, she wanted to pursue her big dream: to sell her paintings and be recognized for her art. This was in early Spring 2016. Fast forward to today and Alexandra has had her paintings exhibited in an art gallery, she now sells her creations online on Saatchi Art and Society 6, and she posts blogs about her passion on her gorgeous website that we conceptualized together.

I loved being a part of her amazing growth journey.


“Before working with Consuela, I kept trying a little bit of everything with my business without seeing major results. I was losing focus of what my real strengths were. Working with Consuela brought me a lot of clarity and focus, helping me see the bigger picture behind my daily to-do lists. I also became more organized and confident in my abilities. I highly recommend working with Consuela if you feel stuck in your career – and in other areas of your life – or if you don’t feel any more joy and excitement in your work. Consuela is very well prepared and knowledgeable – you can talk to her about anything and expect practical solutions. She makes you feel like no problem is too big to handle.”

Alexandra Calin

Painter and Illustrator at www.alexandracalin.com - Brasov, Romania

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