ByConsuela In Date:July 14, 2016

Did you ever get robbed? Me too 💰💶

Did it ever happen to you to sit at a table in the food court at the mall, having lunch with your friends, and when you leave the table to buy an ice cream, you discover that you have zero money left in your wallet? This happened to me just yesterday. True story! Really? I know you might be thinking: “Come on Consuela, you probably spent it all on shopping!” It’s the first thing that crossed my mind too. And I would have probably lived with that idea if it wasn’t for a special 5€ bill that I’ve been carrying in my wallet for over 4 years,... View Article

ByConsuela In Date:July 7, 2016

Where to Find the Best Advice – ALWAYS

Do you ever get moments in your life when you feel extremely lost and confused, when you start doubting everything that you’re doing, wondering whether it’s right, whether it’s even what you want, and you just want someone to give you the right solution so you can move forward and feel positive again? But then when you talk to friends and family about your situation (although they mean well and give you the best advice they would give themselves), their solutions don’t seem to fit your situation at all? I went through one of these moments just last week, after my mom and brother left back to Canada.... View Article

ByConsuela In Date:June 30, 2016

Meet your new friend: STRESS

Wait, what? Did you just read “meet your new FRIEND: stress”?? The last time you were really stressed, you messed up your presentation, or your meeting with an important client, or your interview for a new job! How can stress be your FRIEND? That would be my first reaction too, because stress has always been introduced to me as the bad guy. In some cases, people even got sick from stress, so suddenly seeing it as something positive just doesn’t seem natural. However, Psychologist Kelly McGonigal’s new findings identified that stress may only be bad for you if you believe that to be the case.... View Article