ByConsuela In Date:January 12, 2016

The Downside of New Year’s Resolutions

A few weeks into the New Year, you’re likely to have some New Year’s resolutions set, and if you’re like most people, a few already broken. HA! Damn it! This year, you really wanted to be flawless… Besides, if the year renews itself every January, so should you, right? But what happened? What are resolutions? By definition, the nature of the word “resolution” refers to solving or fixing something. That’s the major downside of New Year’s resolutions; they come from a negative place of feeling “not good enough”, making us want to get fixed in order to be perfect, and that’s not a very motivating place to be.... View Article

ByConsuela In Date:January 12, 2016

Bringing Out the Best in You

Are you stuck in the flow? The flow of a daily routine that keeps you alive but doesn’t quite make you feel alive? You can go against the flow! Follow me. You came on earth knowing your specific reason to be here. 
As a kid, you were happy and unafraid to try new things. You were so close to your life purpose that you were eager to live this life fully and enjoy the ride. But along the years, you absorbed the fears and ideas of your family, friends, teachers, colleagues, bosses, and the media… This pushed you further and further away from who you are.

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ByConsuela In Date:January 12, 2016


Thank you for visiting my blog. Here’s a short video about who I am, what I do, and how I can help you. Video by: RebsMedia... View Article