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stand out

How to Stand Out and Make an Impression at Work

April 21, 2016 5:15 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Have you ever considered whether you’re unique? I mean really. When you think of yourself as a person, do you think you’re different from every other person out there? I know it’s a pretty deep question, but it’s a relevant one. If ever your answer is “no” or “not really”, I have news for you! Every single person on earth is unique, and so are you. Things like our DNA, our life experiences, our environment, they create a unique blend that defines our individuality and who we are. So whether you are unique is not debatable, because you are. Now the question is,... View Article

5 steps towards resignation

5 Important Steps to Take Before You Resign

March 30, 2016 7:04 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

If you got all the hints that resigning may be the right action for you to take (you can read my post “10 Hints That It’s Time to Resign” if you’re not too sure what the hints may be), it’s now time for you to plan for a successful resignation, and particularly for a successful “happily ever after”. Resigning can be somewhat nerve-racking, because there is change and uncertainty involved, which the majority of us don’t like to deal with. Nevertheless, there are some steps you can take to eliminate part of the stress. Here they are: 1) Explore what you really want next This is probably the most important step,... View Article


How Getting Laid Off During the Oil & Gas Crisis Changed my Life

March 2, 2016 5:50 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

If you own a car, you’re probably a happy camper when filling up your tank these days, as it’s a significantly cheaper experience than it was a year and a half ago. Perhaps you can treat yourself to a nice venti latte & rockslide brownie (guess where I’m sitting while writing this?) with the leftover money that you would have otherwise spent on a full tank. Isn’t life beautiful? Depends whom you ask. With the drop in oil prices also came a significant drop in jobs. And guess what? I was part of that drop. My Job in the Oil &... View Article