By Category: Date:September 8, 2016

How to stay connected to your goals

Have you noticed how fun & motivating it is to set goals & how easy it is to then go back to your regular routine and forget to take action on them?  This happened to me just last month. I have a great Feathers Ink Navigator that helps me continuously update my daily activities aligned with the long-term goals that I set in my Excel Planner. At the beginning of August, I set some goals for the month and then went off on vacation, moved houses, etc, so I couldn’t look at my planner regularly. It was basically a very hectic month and I completely forgot about my goals.... View Article

By Category: Date:September 5, 2016

The Trick that Will Always Keep You Organized

So you’re trying to juggle it all: work, family, friends, house chores, eating healthy, getting enough sleep, exercising… AHHH! How do you manage to stay on top of things when your to-do list only keeps getting longer? I would say this is the most common challenge that my clients (especially women) come to see me with. They feel overwhelmed and need help to put things in perspective and stay organized. Here’s the best trick that will keep you organized, ALWAYS: PLAN YOUR WEEK ON SUNDAYS (or whatever the last day of the week is where you live). Reserve one quiet hour per week to sit down and make a daily plan for your week ahead.... View Article

By Category: Date:August 28, 2016

5 Reasons Why You’re Not Achieving Your Top Goals

Do you have any important goals that you’d REALLY like to achieve this year but you keep delaying taking action on them? I mean, you put them on your list for a reason, right? So why is it that you can’t seem to get them ticked off your list? Here are 5 Reasons Why You’re Likely Not Achieving Your Top Goals 1) They mean too much When your goals mean so much that you absolutely want them done perfectly, you’re most likely overthinking the “how”, which is keeping you from advancing. Take a step back and try to simplify. Break this big goal into smaller ones,... View Article