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How to stay connected to your goals

Have you noticed how fun & motivating it is to set goals &
how easy it is to then go back to your regular routine and forget to take action on them? 

This happened to me just last month. I have a great Feathers Ink Navigator that helps me continuously update my daily activities aligned with the long-term goals that I set in my Excel Planner. At the beginning of August, I set some goals for the month and then went off on vacation, moved houses, etc, so I couldn’t look at my planner regularly. It was basically a very hectic month and I completely forgot about my goals. Did that ever happen to you?

Here’s a way that usually helps me remain connected to my goals (when I’m not travelling and moving houses! :))

I set reminders. Lots of them.

I write each goal on a sheet of paper and stick it on the wall in the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, in front of my desk, wherever I regularly pass so they can pop up in my face. My husband doesn’t mind having our walls decorated with goals & intentions, but I know some people would prefer to keep their goals more private.

Some of my clients set alerts on their phone or calendar, use sticky notes on their computer desktop, etc.

Do whatever works for you. Set reminders wherever feels natural and convenient. The most important is to see them as often as possible, because that will give you a push to take action and remain connected to your goals.


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