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The Trick that Will Always Keep You Organized

So you’re trying to juggle it all: work, family, friends, house chores, eating healthy, getting enough sleep, exercising… AHHH! How do you manage to stay on top of things when your to-do list only keeps getting longer?

I would say this is the most common challenge that my clients (especially women) come to see me with. They feel overwhelmed and need help to put things in perspective and stay organized.

Here’s the best trick that will keep you organized, ALWAYS:
PLAN YOUR WEEK ON SUNDAYS (or whatever the last day of the week is where you live).

Reserve one quiet hour per week to sit down and make a daily plan for your week ahead. It could include house chores, meals (if you like to cook at home), projects for work, exercise, outings with friends, etc. The most important is to place each task into a specific time slot in your calendar (ex: early morning, mid-afternoon, etc.), in order to get a general idea of how each day will go.  Have a look at your weekly plan each evening and make a more detailed hourly plan for the next day.

Do you know how powerful this simple planning practice is?

First of all, it helps you clear your mind off the multiple tasks that keep popping up in your mental to-do list. Second of all, it helps you commit to a day and time to get them done.

You can use this simple planner to keep everything in one place and track your long-term goals as well as your weekly and daily tasks.  If you haven’t already, you can download your free copy HERE.

If you have goals that need a bit of help and community support, simply join my Facebook Group- Ambitious & Mindful Female Leaders Would love to see you there!


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